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We are accelerating the Internet Computer mass adoption in South Africa

About mw3

What is Mzanzi Web3 ?

Welcome to Mzanzi Web3! We take pride in South Africa’s burgeoning role as a pivotal contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain within the African continent.

In the ever-evolving blockchain realm, new organizations and initiatives consistently make their mark. Standing at the vanguard of this digital revolution, Mzanzi Web3 (MW3) holds a central position in the region.

With backing from the Dfinity Foundation, our dedication to progress spans multiple arenas, from developer training, project nurturing, facilitating transitions to the Internet Computer platform, to carving out significant partnerships with the blockchain community’s giants. As the contours of blockchain innovation continue to shift, our endeavours seek to supercharge the expansion and acceptance of the Internet Computer ecosystem throughout South Africa. Embark with us on this voyage towards a unified and decentralised tomorrow!

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About icp

About Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)

The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) heralds a groundbreaking series of protocols that catalyze decentralized synergy between data centers across the globe. Its audacious mission sets its sights on superseding conventional cloud providers, cultivating an equitable and fortified global computational infrastructure. The ICP token is the engine of this avant-garde movement, underpinning governance, rewarding community contributors, and enabling smooth transactions. Embrace ICP for a tomorrow where the web belongs to everyone, decentralised and barrier-free.

Within the spectrum of public decentralized smart contract networks, ICP holds an unrivalled position. Boasting unmatched on-chain data storage cost-effectiveness coupled with state-of-the-art tech, ICP’s smart contracts – termed ‘canisters’ – equip you to seamlessly host and automate a vast range of dapps and services. Step into the next epoch of decentralized dynamism with the unparalleled prowess of ICP.


Our Key Goals

Mzanzi Web3’s chief ambition is to champion and streamline the integration of the Internet Computer blockchain among developers, enterprises, and institutions in South Africa. The organization’s mission encompasses:

Certifying Developers for the Internet Computer

Transitioning Web2 Endeavours and Other Blockchain Projects

Advocating On-Chain Operations

Educational Initiatives and Community Engagement

Nurturing and Backing Innovative Projects

Liaison with Venture Capitalists and Financial Backers

At its core, MW3 serves as the linchpin in sculpting a flourishing ecosystem centred on the Internet Computer blockchain within South Africa. By nurturing developer acumen, facilitating the shift of pre-existing ventures, and championing fresh undertakings, the organization paves the way for the pervasive embrace and triumph of the Internet Computer in the realm of decentralized tech.


Essential Purposes

Dive into the heart of our organization to uncover our guiding principles and ambitions. We are driven by our dedication to initiate positive transformation in the blockchain realm, reinforcing our commitment at every step.

Developer Certification and Support

Empower developers proficient in JavaScript, Rust, Motoko, Solidity, and Python to leverage the ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) blockchain’s potential. We enable the creation and deployment of canister smart contracts, ensuring secure and efficient applications on the Internet Computer platform.

Promoting Innovation and Incubator Program

Foster innovation by organizing hackathons and pitching contests with enticing grants up to 100k for ICP blockchain development. Our incubator program is tailored to uplift budding startups in the Internet Computer space, offering a blend of resources, guidance, and robust networking avenues.

Engaging Events and Conferences

Experience transformative events and conferences throughout South Africa, all spotlighting the Internet Computer blockchain’s prowess. Join MW3’s journey as we sculpt the next chapter of blockchain evolution, building a lively nexus of tech aficionados and trailblazers.

Who we are

Our Team

Meet the dynamic individuals behind Mzanzi Web3. Their collective expertise and passion fuel our vibrant community and vision.

General Team

Shaheer Karrim

Co-Founder @ Mzansi Web3

Confidence Nyirenda

Developer Relations

Tswaanda | Zimababwe

Enoch Chirima

Developer Relations

Terence Zimwara - Zimbabwe


Brenton Naicker

CVVC/ex Binance



Terry Igharoro

Inventory Club


‘The Bitcoin Lady’ Alakanani Itireleng

Satoshi Centre


Fredrick Nonde jr

Motley Institute of Business and Technology


Dr Gurvy Kavei

University of Namibia


Ronaldo Nanub

Data Scientist


Happy Colleagues working Together

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Our Upcoming Events

Delve into captivating experiences through our meticulously curated events. From thought-provoking conferences to exhilarating workshops, immerse yourself in moments that inspire, educate, and foster connections. Join us for these enriching occasions that promise to leave you enlightened, energized, and transformed.

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